What is the "Request Music" feature?

This is a unique feature that was designed to help users save time when working on video projects and get appropriate music guidance as well as suggestion links.

The problem

Whether you are a video editor, filmmaker, YouTuber or just someone who is creating video content to go live somewhere, finding music can be a very time-consuming job when trying to source the right track or audio. It is extremely important that the right music is used on a video project to ensure your vision is delivered appropriately (Click here to visit our newsroom page to see example explanations of the importance of music with video in our Music in Film blog series).

There are a handful of options online to choose from in terms of buying royalty free music, but a lot of these stock music libraries are difficult to navigate and eventually find the kind of music you had in your head while editing your video. A lot of the time stock music websites will indeed suggest well made pieces of music, yet this still doesn’t deliver the specifics you have in your head.

The solution

Artisound delivers a direct and human solution to this problem.

We have developed a simple tool that offers assistance from a person who knows music production as well as our library backwards. All the user needs to do is take advantage of this feature which takes about 1 minute and they get get back on with editing their project while they await an email with track suggestions meetings their written criteria.

It is that simple.

Cost of service

100% entirely FREE ! With no obligation to buy.

How it works

The user simply visits the Send Me Music page, types in some information about the project they're working on and an idea of the music they have in mind. We will receive this information and then reply with music suggestions and links we think might be appropriate for your current project.

You do not have to be a registered member of Artisound to use this feature. It means you can use your valuable time on the video edit rather than searching slowly through a music library. Of course we also encourage you do have a look through and perhaps check out the ‘top picks’ on the home page or even the ‘what’s hot’ series on the newsroom. You never know what delights you might stumble across.

An example

So say you were editing video footage of a street food festival and you wanted some heavy and emotive music to accompany it. You would write this information on the Send me Music page and maybe a even an example of different music you have heard for a reference (this is not a requirement) and await an email response with track links from our library. The turn around for tracks requests is usually pretty prompt so you can expext to recieve track suggestions and be in conversation quickly.

If you have no given more details of instrumentation with the above request you may expect to receive different styles of suggested music. 'Heavy and emotive’ could deliver a tribal percussion style instrumental with a big upbeat sound or perhaps more of a deep spacial electronic production that also delivers a powerful punch.

When we read your requests we also try to envision the result ourselves, the person who overlooks your request will be well qualified to deal with your request. Even if the first suggestion does not quite nail the sound you were imagining, we will continue searching within reason for you.