50% licence fee for artists

Artists spend a lot of time using their creative talent to compose and produce the music that's sold on stock music websites. But generally they only see a very small percentage of the licence fee. It is not at all uncommon for the artist to receive 20% of the licence fee from royalty-free music companies.

The music industry can be a very aggressive and difficult place for music artists and producers. The turn of the digital age has brought with it a mass congestion of artists which makes it a mammoth task for even the most talented of artists to have their music heard, let alone make anything from it.

Getting tracks into a royalty free music library like Artisound is a great opportunity for artists and composers yet still the majority are still not being paid fairly for their music.

Artisound’s view is that artists need to be rewarded appropriately for their hard work and see that a decent amount of money goes back to them. That is why we pay our artists 50% of every single licence fee. I (Yannick Ireland) as the founder of Artisound have a background in music and know the difficulties in the industry from an artist’s perspective. This philosophy is crucial to the Artisound ethos.

For more information on this and a bit more about my background check out the About page.