artist faq's

Why sign up?

Signing up to Artisound gives you an opportunity to earn money from your music! If your tracks sell, you get half of all the money generated from the sync licence, without doing any additional work

50% payment fair?

Typically, an artist receives about 30% of the sync licence. At Artisound, we believe the artist deserves more. So we pay 50% irrespective of the processes and costs involved.

*Note on payment.

Should you not respond within 1 month to our sale confirmation email (track sale notification and payment details request), it may become more difficult to claim your fee.

How much can i earn?

Your 50% licence fee for our standard licence may vary due to promotion. Check out the current price of the standard licence by clicking "buy" on one of our tracks.

Your 50% fee of the personal licence is £5.

Custom licence fees will vary depending on agreement made with artist.

Can I sell my music elsewhere?

Yes! That's the great thing with Artisound. We licence all the music on a non-exclusive basis, so you are free to licence your music on the same non-exclusive basis elsewhere should you choose to.

How does the process work?

Getting started is very straight forward. Just sign up to Artisound on the register page and you can immediately start uploading your music. Once your music has been uploaded it is reviewed, provided your music get approved your tracks will be catalogued appropriately within the library.

Do we accept every track submitted?

We believe it is vital to achieve and maintain a high standard of music within our catalogue. So unfortunately, not all music makes it through.

Can I remove my music from Artisound?

Of course, but we will require fair notice before we remove it, and you must honour your obligations with respect to any sync licences already granted.

Will my music sell?

Cleary there is no guarantee your music will sell.

If your music is well suited for syncing to video, you may find that clients will quickly choose to licence it. However, it may take a while for the right client to hear your music before you start to see tangible results.