customer faq's

What kind of music does Artisound have?

Artisound has a wide spectrum of genres of music deemed appropriate for video synchronisation.

When purchasing a track licence what formats are available for download?

Two formats are available, .mp3 for a light easy option as well as the high quality format of .wav .

How easy is it to navigate through the Artisound catalogue?

Very easy. Artisound has an intuitive search bar with tag and genre selections with the ability to click on an artist to find more of their music.

What if I don't have time to go through the catalogue?

Then check out our unique Send me music feature.

The licence options don't cover my needs on purchase, what can I do?

Upon clicking 'Buy' on a track to purchase, there is a "Request a custom licence" option, allowing you the user to contact Artisound to request a more custom licence to meet your needs.