DAW inspiration

How to get inspired from your DAW

How to get inspired from your DAW

If you’re reading this you’ve probably come because the music isn’t happening for you... or maybe you’re just bored of watching YouTube tutorials. Both very valid excuses to be reading this article as I reveal just how exactly you can gain inspiration from your very work tools, the DAW.

Inspiration is hard to come by when you’re in a rut of writers block, you often would feel discouraged to even try opening up a DAW, this would usually be because you often are used to finding inspiration within new music and new sounds.

This way of thinking may be because every time you open a DAW you instantly create the issue that if you start writing something it will sound awful, even though you feel more qualified to create something better than ‘awful’.

Here are some ideas to get the cogs oiled up again:

1. Try pulling a scene from a film or a video you like into your chosen DAW.
Most popular DAW’s have video codecs in them so this can be achieved quite easily. However, simply dragging a video into your workstation won’t give you inspiration.

What you have to think about here is the approach to writing music. You’re not starting in the same conventional way so your brain has to think differently, this could create a spark and who knows maybe it will inspire you to compose music to picture!

2. Let the DAW create some of the music.
Now by this I don’t mean literally, there are some musical motifs you can achieve simply by using the DAW as an instrument and not a tool. One example of this may be in Ableton, the midi editor is very advanced.

Say you are writing a melody but can’t quite think of any other notes to use, it has the functionality to reverse and invert and note patterns you input. From this approach you don’t know right from the get go how it’s going to turn out but it could inspire you to try something new.

3. Have the DAW perform for you.
What I mean by this is performing with the DAW but in a way you wouldn’t expect results. One way you can achieve this is by using a midi controller with various midi assignable functions (such as knobs, faders, toggle keys etc.) and assigning them to various parameters within an already resisting project.

This is a good idea on how to continue a song and who knows maybe you may figure a transition into a new part.

Now I hope these ideas have helped you to think in a different way, as this is all it takes to overcome writers block and find inspiration in all holes and corners. You change your mind, you change the outcome.

Written by Harvey Carter - Writer for Artisound

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