Music Motivation

How to stay motivated with music


If you’re reading this you’re either scrolling down the Artisound blog, or you haven’t been too motivated recently to pick up Ableton and make a cracker.

Well hopefully this blog post will give you some ideas on how to keep the cogs turning and the tunes churning. These are ideas and methodologies that I use to keep motivated myself.

Before I get into it though there is one point to make, motivation is the reason for people’s actions and desires. If you have no desire and make no action then motivation will not kick you into gear, you need both pieces of the puzzle.

So here we go:

1. Take a walk - Yep, sorry it might not be something you haven’t heard before if you’re writing an essay or have a lot on your mind. Honestly though the concept still applies, if you go for a ten minute walk not listening to music and just observe the surroundings your brain is allowed to breath a little more. If you’ve been writing music since the morning and it gets past lunchtime and you’re starting to lose the will to live (not literally), take a walk outside, give yourself a break and allow your mind to relax a little.

2. Travel somewhere that will have sounds you don’t hear on a regular basis - kinda sounds crazy but try it. Your work in music doesn’t just work in harmonies, chord structures or juxtaposing melodies, sound is sound and noise is noise regardless of frequency correlation or whatever. So instead of going your same route that you take to get to work maybe go the opposite direction, maybe near a construction site because you never know what sounds you might find that can trigger something. (P.s just as a side note, don’t take the wrong route on your way to work you might regret it)

3. Go and see a live performance - to me this is gold. Whenever I know I’m seeing a live act I try not to have huge expectations but be neutral, that way once you see them you can go fucking nuts on how good they are. It’s a great idea to do this because it motivates you to try the style of music you’ve just heard, so when you get home and you write in that direction, and maybe you don’t quite nail the sound, you could figure out something completely different. Think about it, you wouldn’t have figured that out if you hadn’t went out that night.

So I hope these methods can help you, generally speaking they help me but the annoying thing about not being motivated is that it can creep up in any way or form. This is why when we fight back to become motivated we have to also think in different ways, I hope what I have shown you will help with this.

Good luck!

Written by Harvey Carter - Writer for Artisound

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