Music Taste

How important is music taste?


Music taste, or music preference, describes the type of music that YOU find pleasing to listen to or that your brain reacts to in a positive response. This can be music that you have found by yourself, music that friends have shown you, music that you have heard in a car passing by, the ways that you find music is completely unique to you, and as such makes your taste completely unique.

Tastes in music are completely subjective to the listener. What I would enjoy in Music others would not, some people's taste and preference could be said has a lot more depth delving into sub-genres of their favourite styles of music. BUT lets just concentrate on what the word ‘Genre’ is and how this relates to Music taste first of all.


1. a style or category of art, music, or literature.

"the spy thriller is a very masculine genre” So the word Style is the important word here:


1: a distinctive quality, form, or type of something a new dress style
“the Greek style of architecture”

Both of these definitions are suggesting that the unique form or quality of a certain Art is what makes and differentiates different genres apart from each other. This is easy to understand because you can put two different genres together and easily hear a difference such as listening to the song:

I Lost My Wind’ - The Microphones And comparing this to: ‘あなたの夢を運転する’ - 天気予報'

You can hear an evident difference in a lot of elements of what makes these songs unique to their classified genre. There are plenty of things that make these two pieces of music varying in quality, form and type such as the audible quality, the instrumentation, the message, the audience etc. Without getting too in-depth into these two songs there are a lot of things that makes these two different from each other and the fact that there are differences make these two pieces of music have different genres.

Genres were said to be used more by the people of the Music Business to class each different styles of music into specific categories, these categories can then be forecast to specific audiences or ‘consumer groups’ to target the individuals into buying into the music through sales, merch, gigs etc. However, genres aren’t just used by the people of the Music Biz to categorise this, genres are very much used by everyone to specify their taste down to what they know they like.

If someone were to like the song ‘I Get Around’ - 2Pac, they can identify this falling under the genre of Hip Hop, this meaning that if they were to like a lot of 2Pac’s discography and wanted to branch out and find more music like this they can explore Hip Hop and find more music based on what they already know they like.

Fans of music like to class their music taste into genres so they have an understanding of what a sound of that style is, this is so they can find more music they feel more connected with and enjoy listening to. However, if anyone is a fan of Hip Hop they will know it does not all fall under the sound or sonic quality, this is because we have Sub-Genres.

Sub-Genres are different genres (styles) made out of already existing genres. So back to the Hip Hop example you can have sub-genres of Hip Hop such as Boom Bap, Trip Hop, Chopped and Screwed, Jersey Club, Rap Metal etc. Hip Hop is the overall umbrella of a genre that encases all these other expeditions into the genre itself. These sub-genres all have elements of what makes Hip Hop but have varying degrees of experimentalism within them to make them unique to the genre.

There are some people that love Hip Hop, but do not enjoy Jersey Club, the same with fans of Trip Hop may not enjoy Rap Metal. Being a fan of Hip Hop does not mean you like every sub-genre it has to offer, but what these sub-genres allow fans of Hip Hop to do is hone in on specific songs they like and attach a stylistic name to it to find other songs that have a similar style to it also. This makes it easier for fans to find music that they really enjoy for various reasons. It allows them to find music based off their one favourite song and find more music that is relevant to them.

Reasons for liking different styles of music can vary for everyone, you may enjoy the style of Rock Music because it was something that your older brother or sister may have been playing in their room when you were young, so therefore you have a nostalgic attachment to that style of music. Finding artists similar to that genre will only feed your nostalgic pleasures you get listening to that style of music, this is something that makes you unique as not everyone has the same story as to why they like the music they like. This is why your own taste in music is important, the music you listen to always has some form of value to you for whatever reason this may be. The music that you listen to and enjoy can be seen as a personal extension of you, just as your mobile phone may be a personalised extension of you. Your taste in music holds memories that only you have and keeping memories to you is something only you can experience as an individual, your taste in music is only unique to you.

I hope this article at least entertained you for a few minutes, if you are looking to branch out into other genres of music or just interested in something different, here are a couple of oddball ones I have come across when researching for this article. Even if you aren’t a fan of the music itself you have to give credit to some of the names:

- Signalwave
- Noise Music
- Broken Transmission - Black Midi
- Crustpunk
- Bubblegum Dance

Written by Harvey Carter - Writer for Artisound

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